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SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the affordable, easy-to-use business management software designed specifically for small and midsize businesses. It enables you to manage your critical business functions across sales, distribution, and financials, all in a single integrated system. With SAP Business One, you can instantaneously access a complete and up-to-the-minute view of your business, so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably. SAP – Not just for big business!.

SAP Business One Myth Busting

Starter Pack for 1 to 5 Users

Move beyond spreadsheets or stand-alone business software, and save time and effort by choosing the starter package for the SAP Business One application. Gain visibility and control quickly while establishing an integrated software foundation to manage your business and support your evolving business needs. 


Much of the information about SAP Business One on the web is very general and high level. If you’re ready to take the next step, and you want best practices, new ideas and guidance about how SAP Distribution can work for your unique business, in your specific industry, we will gather and post it here for you. The resource gallery include case studies, whitepapers and videos to help you make informed decisions.

Start & Grow Packages

Start & Grow™ is today’s way of getting industry best practices into your business faster than you could have imagined! Take proven software, mix it with industry-specific configuration, and sprinkle it with cloud-based tools for rapid deployment – then leapfrog the competition with real-time access to the information you need to make informed decisions and run more simply and profitably.

Start & Grow™ is a modular approach to implementing distribution software that enables you to start and build your system at your pace – no smoke and mirrors. You receive clarity in cost and effort required from your personnel. In short, Start & Grow™ packages give you big business functionality at your company’s speed with only the features you need!

SAP Distribution Advantages

Key Benefts

Get what you need now. Add more as you need it.

Today, business runs faster, technology changes faster, and you need to be prepared to adapt faster. When competition zigs, the cloud helps you zag; use the cloud to get the versatility you need to react to changes in business and competition. With centralized business software, you’re free from the legacy systems that prevent you from connecting new business solutions and processes.

Your business software is more reliable and more secure than ever. You can take advantage of new enhancements that barely affect your day-to-day operations but really pack a punch when it comes to gaining a competitive edge.   SAP Business One powered by the latest HANA in memory computing database platform as well as Microsoft SQL Server in both “true cloud” and multi-tenant or fully customizable dedicated private clouds.

Fully integrated business management software

Free From IT Hassles

SAPDistribution maintains the equipment and software, enabling you to maintain lower employee costs and offload IT so you can focus on growing your business. 

Advanced Development

SAP provides the industry-leading research and development that’s usually reserved for larger companies with deeper pockets. As a small business, you benefit from the research and innovations that SAP develops and includes in its small business solutions.

Growth Ready

As you grow, your business needs will change, and our custom cloud integration addresses those needs. Add e-commerce, travel expense management, sales tax and exemption document handling, and more.

Easy Access

Take advantage of the versatility of any time, any device, anywhere access for telecommuting, traveling, and on-site customer service. Your customer service and sales team can access company information from an internet browser for faster invoicing and payments. 


Launching your business solution in the cloud keeps your expenses low with no servers to buy and no need to pay for licenses you don’t need.


Multiple warehouses and offices are easy to connect in the cloud, making it easy to house 100% of your company processes in the same place. This feature also improves inventory control in multiple locations and encourages collaboration with its ease of sharing information.