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Distributor for Large Enterprise

Simple Yet Scalable

Contrary to popular misconception, SAP Business One is not a scaled-down version of the larger SAP products.  Business One is designed to be easy to use, affordable and expand to your company needs as you continue to grow.    

With SAP Distribution Start Services, new subsidiaries or partners can join the SAP utilizes pre-configured systems to rapidly deploy to one or more companies.  These templates can be tailored to your specific industry or company and deployed in the time it takes to train your employees and load your data. 

Easy to Integrate

Integrating with a parent company is rarely an out of the box solution, but SAP Distribution comes with standard integration packages for communicating with large enterprise systems which can be quickly tailored to your requirements. Open API’s and tools for electronic interchange of data make electronic data interchange a snap. SAP products communicate seamlessly with each other using the SAP NetWeaver platform or can now be “loosely coupled” using the SAP HANA Service Layer. Standard scenarios include:

  • Synchronization of inventory items
  • Sales Orders converting to Purchase Orders and visa versa
  • Consolidation of financial data

For The Large Enterprise

Reduce the time and effort to expand your business into new markets

  • Integrate and standardize processes and data across multiple subsidiaries or partners.
  • Reduce the overall IT cost as SAP Business One is significantly less expensive than SAP enterprise products.
  • Consolidate subsidiary data into your data warehouse.

Supporting 28 languages and with 43 country-specific versions and utilized in over 100 countries, Business One’s single code base can work anywhere your company grows!