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SAP Business One For Distribution

Start & Grow for Distributors will fully equip your team to face the challenges of growth head-on.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Digital transformation is a top priority for many, but are you ready? How do you get started? 

Proven Success

Learn more about how we helped Durk’s Farm get the most out of their business with SAP Start & Grow

Has Your Business Outgrown Quickbooks?

Upgrade to a system that is tailored to your needs. 

Manage inventory with ease with bin locations, multiple warehouses and advance distribution requirements planning tools.

Created Specifically For Discrete Product Distributors

Start & Grow for Distributors was designed specifically for distribution businesses that face similar challenges. Its purpose is simply to give your business the controls and processes it needs, without the complexity that requires specialized knowledge to run them.

With Start & Grow software for Distributors, the base distribution system has been further customized to support suppliers by industry.  For example building suppliers typically need to track goods by lot, cut to size, track remainders and much, much more. The system is developed, installed and supported by I-Business Network, a SAP Gold Partner with 16 years of SAP Business One experience. In fact, we are the only SAP partner in North America certified to sell, install and host SAP Business One.

Our Service Approach

SAPDistribution has the products, services, and professionals our customers need to achieve the maximum return on their investment. Our services approach matches your corporate culture and compliments the skills of your team. You can choose from a variety of options that ranges from a coaching service to a full consultative approach. Whether you use our industry specific system design or require a customized approach,’s applications are tailored to automate business processes predictably and cost effectively.

Our Customer Service approach is oriented on solving problems impacting distributors.
SAPDistribution can not only scale with your business, but help you scale your business to new heights.

Why Start & Grow?

Start & Grow™ is today’s way of getting industry best practices into your business faster than you could have imagined! Take proven software, mix it with industry-specific configuration, and sprinkle it with cloud-based tools for rapid deployment – then leapfrog the competition with real-time access to the information you need to make informed decisions and run more simply and profitably.

Start & Grow™ is a modular approach to implementing distribution software that enables you to start and build your system at your pace – no smoke and mirrors. You receive clarity in cost and effort required from your personnel. In short, Start & Grow™ packages give you big business functionality at your company’s speed with only the features you need!

Resources Page

The Resource Library

Much of the information about SAP Business One on the web is very general and high level. If you’re ready to take the next step, and you want best practices, new ideas and guidance about how SAP Distribution can work for your unique business, in your specific industry, we will gather and post it here for you. The resource gallery include case studies, whitepapers and videos to help you make informed decisions.

“We were outgrowing our software. We looked in the industry and found options, but they were small companies, and we were not sure they would be there for us in the future.”

Daniel Arcilla, Chief accountability officer

“SAP Business One was actually the catalyst to improve many of our business processes. Since then we have experienced grater transparency with our data and information”

David Drishpon, chief operating officer

“They have wide experience with other companies and saw things in other companies and have good suggestions that we could use in our SAP Business One.”

Michael xue, project engineer

How much does it cost?

There are a number of factors which impact the cost of upgrading to

  • Are you a start-up or established distributor?
  • Do you want SAP best practices or to tailor the system to your current processes?
  • How big is your company and how many users do you need?

Complete a quick survey for an initial estimate of cost.